Thank you for visiting MindSet. This site has been a dream of mine and to see it become a reality is a bit overwhelming and very exciting.

There are over five million people in the USA living with dementia caused by a variety of diseases. The majority are caused by Alzheimer’s disease but dementia is a much broader term than Alzheimer’s and it refers to any brain syndrome resulting in problems with memory, judgement, communication, behavior and more.

My sister was diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia (also called Picks disease) at 60. Symptoms are present years before a diagnosis is made.

Since she can no longer live on her own, my brother and I take turns caring for her in our homes. During the time she is with me I have experienced frustration and anxiety in the way people view her. Although she looks fairly normal, her behavior is anything but. I decided that instead of constantly asking people to excuse her behavior, that it was better to give a warning that her behavior will not be normal and to please understand this.

This is how MindSet was born and I was determined to change people’s attitudes.  With the help of a graphic artist the LOGO was created. I chose the mountain and the climber at the bottom because truly those affected with dementia and their caregivers are climbing mountains daily.

My sister has been wearing the T-shirt for a few weeks now and I always catch people looking at it and reading the message. Some seem to understand immediately and some comment to me.  This won’t happen overnight and it may take years but my wish is that when someone sees the logo on a shirt or any article of clothing that they will remember its meaning. I want to stop saying “Please excuse my sister, she had dementia”. The logo will speak for itself and hopefully for those with dementia as well.

Christine Dabramo